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2014-2015 Season

Steven: The Steven Truscott Story
By Louis B. Hobson
February 27 - March 7, 2015
In the summer of 1959, a sleepy town in rural Ontario was rocked by a tragedy that changed the community forever and sent shockwaves around the world. A 12-year-old girl named Lynne Harper was found raped and strangled to death. Days later, 14-year-old Steven Truscott was charged with her murder. After a two week trial by jury, the boy was found guilty and sentenced to hang, making him the youngest person to sit on Canada's death row.

Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)
By Anne-Marie Macdonald
May 8 - May 16, 2015
What if Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies were actually comedies? After a professor steals her thesis, Constance Ledbelly is transported into the Bard’s world of Othello and Romeo & Juliet, where she inadvertently sends his stories in new directions.

Jack the Ripper Monster of Whitechapel
By Joe Dickinson
October 17-25 2014
Directed by Jeremy Mackenzie

Comedy/Farce, Mystery/Thriller, Period
A comical but scary treatment of the serial killer who terrorized London in the 1800's Victor Mitchell Theatre A comical but scary treatment of the serial killer who terrorized London in the 1800's. Many of the characters and events are taken right from history, but others are pure comic invention.

Another Evening at Fawlty Towers
By John Cleese and Connie Booth
November 21 – 29 2014
It's back by popular demand!  Basil and Sybil says the hotel will be ready for guests. There will be three new episodes from this popular British comedy:
-Waldorf Salad
Customer dissatisfaction with the Fawlty Towers dining experience comes to a head when an insistent American comes for a stay
-The Anniversary
Basil plans a surprise anniversary party for Sybil but, thinking he's forgotten it again, she walks out just before the guests arrive.
-Gourmet Night
The cream of Torquay society turns out for a special gourmet night at Fawlty Towers. Expectations are high but so, unfortunately, is the chef.

Auditions for Steven: The Steven Truscott Story

Dec 8 and 9

Check the auditions page

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