Sex In The Afternoon Zone

Cast announcement for

Mounting Sex in the Afternoon Zone

by Calgary playwright Caroline Russell-King

The Team: 

Directors: Chelsea Millard with Jamie Eastgaard-Ross
Musical Director: Ginette Simonot
Choreographer: Daisy Pond

Light & Set Co-designers: Bryan Smith and James Ravenhill

Set Decorator: Diane Edwards
Sound Design: Patrick Murray

The Cast:

Matt:           Dan Gibbins

Suzanne:     Caitlyn Milot
David:         Courtney Nelson

Valerie:        Erin Shier

Claire:         Susan Soprovich

the play:

In this hilarious comedy a theatre is mounting a new production of “Sex in the Afternoon”. The playwright changes the genre of the play four times before opening night. The play starts out as a British farce, then a Canadian comedy, then a musical Canadian comedy then finishes a sci-fi musical. The actor in the play is caught between his wife who is playing his mistress and vice versa.

This will play at the Victor Mitchell Theatre at the Pumphouse, November 20 - 28, 2015.

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